Holistic Methodologies

Empowerment Programs To Reconnect Get Awareness
And Change Your Life

Embrace your purpose

Unleash your potential

Experience a thriving life

Life is too short to live unfulfilled

You feel life is way more than what you have right now

You want to change but the uncertainty of “what if” terrifies you.

You are struggling to be consistent with what you want

You feel you are going over the same situations over and over

Relationships seem to be too complicated

You lack of excitment and passion in your life

You feel you are always coming up short with your results

It seems difficult to express what you actually feel

Our Empowerment programs provide a synchrony of actionable steps
so that you can create a fulfilling life by reconnecting with yourself to
understand how to master every area of your life.

Frustration is not fun. Don’t be held back because of fear and “what if”.

Create a Fulfilling Life Now!

You are designed for a lot more

When you don’t develop yourself, you remain unaware of your potential and become frustrated feeling you are wasting time.

To master your life: you need clarity to reconnect with yourself, you must understand your soul’s calling to give meaning to your life, and access your inner power and consistency to take unstoppable action.

We are Lina Tangarife and Mauro Trujillo and here we want to put your mind at ease. As Empowerment Facilitators, we’ve helped many people. We can guide you, too.

The plan to Master your Life!


Discover the program that fits you.


Learn and follow the simple yet profound actionable tools.


Embrace your calling and master every area of your life

Living unfulfilled is tough

When you ”should be living as you want”, it’s easy to get frustrated and feel stuck when everything you’ve tried seems not to be working.

Can we give you hope and ease your mind? The truth is, today most people are disconnected from themselves and everything around them, and probably so are you. Until you understand this reality, you will continue to experiencing frustration, fear of change and confusion.


You just need the right tools to reconnect with everything you truly are and get the confidence and power to transform your life.

WE HAVE THE TOOLS YOU NEED. As Empowerment Facilitators and Certified Coaches with years of experience working with people feeling just like you, we have perfected our methodology with the proper tools to help you reconnect and understand how to create a fulfilling life and the world you really want.

What People Say About Us

How can you experience an integral growth for your life?

Investing on your personal development and growth is usually considered as something expensive and even unnecessary. However, working on understanding and improving your mental, physical and emotional states, creates unlimited positive impact in every area of your life.

Keep going as you are right now is costing you peace of mind and drying out your wellbeing, and you should not expect different results if you are not ready to make different decisions

But, what do you actually need to create the life you really want?

Your online
programs include

Private 1:1 coaching sessions to help you achieve your goals

Private Community for feedback and accountability

Lifetime access to the online course

Group Q&A sessions

Workbooks and assessment

Open chat