change yourself before changing the world

Change Yourself before changing the World

You would like to change the world, but it seems hard because others don’t act, others don’t do, others don’t care. What is that we want to change? Injustice? inequality? Access to basic needs for every person on earth? Many things, maybe all of those together, maybe even more. It is not easy. And it is not easy because for changing the world we need to look at countless layers, not only from a socio-political standpoint, but also from a personal one, and normally, we want others to change first and then we might follow the lead.

What do we do when we would like to change the world for a better place, but it seems so difficult?

We have to start from ourselves

The change starts with each one of us. We have to be the seeds of change. We need to start creating new habits, small daily steps that have a huge impact, and these are just some of them:

  • Unplug our devices when they are not in use (something so simple and this little task is not applied most of the time).
  • Fewer car rides, more bicycle rides (great for our health!).
  • Eat less meat and animal products (you don’t have to become vegetarian or vegan, but only by reducing your weekly consumption you will help reducing tons of water and tons of carbon footprint)
  • Reuse (Reduce your personal waste at all levels and reuse as much as you can every “disposable thing” such as paper towels, plastic containers, clothes, but also instead of buying everything new, buy second hand. You will repurpose an object and will make the planet smile 😉
  • Turn the lights off when you don’t need them (be aware of what you really need)
  • Avoid plastic packages (use reusable fabric bags when getting groceries, but be mindful about bringing them and really reuse them. Otherwise, the footprint of the reusable bags might be even higher than the plastic ones… the much we use them, the better it is;)
  • Have your own water bottle made of glass, inbox, silicon, any material that will last and refill it instead of buying plastic bottles. Do you still buy plastic bottles? Shame!
  • Lead by example (Be the change you want to see in the world)

Nobody said it was going to be easy

Yes! if we want to really change the world, we need to start by changing ourselves first. The very little daily actions. Even if it seems difficult, challenging or overwhelming, for changing the world, we gotta change ourselves first. We will have to be less comfortable and it is okay, is part of contributing for greater action, right? Keep in mind that even doing all those small actions is not enough! Unfortunately, the planet has suffered too much from our overconsumption and the programmed obsolescence, so we must commit to it. We need to go beyond our efforts and find more ways to help the planet, let’s just do it! And share your actions, invite others to join! This is how you know you are starting to change the world: leading by your example.

We must create momentum

Making consistent changes is a practice, it requires will power and moving out of our comfort zone. That is the key to persistent change. The good news is we can all take action, but you are the only one capable of making that decision. Nothing changes if nothing changes, right?

Are you ready to commit? If you struggle with consistency in your life, we can help you. Click here to access the Full Guide for Changing your Habits so you can change yourself and help the planet.

It’s always better together!

If you are reading this is because you are interested in a bigger cause, you care about the planet, you have a calling and you know it, you want to do more for humanity and for the environment, right? We know you are made for much more! If you want to start working on becoming the best version of yourself, this program might help you find some guidance. If changing habits is something that you struggle with, you must download our 7-21-60 Method for Changing your Habits. 

What are the actions that make you struggle the most when reducing your carbon footprint: Is it recycling? Is it eating animal products? Is it electronic usage? Share with us in the comments below!

We have been there and we understand, but we are committed to creating positive change for the planet and we want to help as many people as we can to become the best version of themselves because when we are empowered, we contribute to make the world a better place for all. It is always better together!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, for all your support, loving and caring.

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