Let’s reconnect during covid-19 confinement

And suddenly everything changed.  It doesn’t matter this was a conspiracy to break an Empire, a punishment from heaven, or our irrational behavior against the planet. We are facing a…
How to transform fears Empower for change

How to transform fears?

The Secret Energy Behind Fears What if we tell you that you and us, and everybody else, live in constant fear and this is why we don’t take action when…
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3 things to explain: WHY we exist

Hello world! Welcome to Empower for change. We are Lina Tangarife and Mauro Trujillo and in this post, we will tell you 3 things that will explain to you why…
change yourself before changing the world

Change Yourself before changing the World

You would like to change the world, but it seems hard because others don’t act, others don’t do, others don’t care. What is that we want to change? Injustice? inequality? Access…
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